According to global data relating to recycling, Greece is a “late developer” on recycling. Greece landfills most of its municipal waste, with only 16 % being recycled and 4% percent composted (data refers to all over Greece).

Lot of work needs to be done on that field, but we must admit that many positive steps have been taked the last years and young people often take the lead! We would like to share 3 good practices that emerged from the project Walk the Global Walk and happened in the Municipality of Fyli.    

4rth Gymnasioum Recycling4th Gymnasioum Recycling

In the 4th Gymnasioum of Ano Liosia (Municipality of Fili, Attica, Greece) throughout the year a collection of recyclable materials was organized with the initiative of C2 class. The students, systematically, collected plastic, glass and metal packaging. The materials, which they gathered, filled a big truck! All the items were carried by student representatives to the Recycling Park 5 kilometers away from the school. There, more than 16.000 pieces of packaging have been counted. All these pieces of packaging ( plastic, cans, glass bottles etc) have been removed from the environment and students gave them the chance to a second life!


Lyceum of Fyli also decided to give a second life to old items and instead of throwing them away or recycling them made beautiful utilities using the upcycling method. An old shoe became a nice pot for flowers to bloom, some old CDs became a nice chandelier and hundreds of plastic bottles cap served them as the main tool to write the school name for the Global Walk.

Evnikos Fabric Republic

Finally, basketball team Evnikos, supported SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities through the cooperation with “Fabric Republic ( and the introduction of an integrated clothing management system mean and the support to the organization goal which is the optimization and modernization of cyclical management of excess clothing and the collective development of social and ecological consciousness for a Zero Waste reality. A collection bin is in the stadium of Evnikos and visitors, athletes and families are constantly encourage contribute to the collection of clothes and fabrics.

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