SDG1 1

The aim of the competition is to increase the attention and stimulate the participation of students in two age groups about global challenges and to ensure equal social and human rights, decent living conditions for all, equal access to justice.

In the period from April to May, students presented their videos and essays, observing the following requirements. For videos, they can be captured with a phone, cameras, or other means of picture and sound. Within 3 minutes, participants present their thoughts, attitudes, positions on topics related to the Global Goal №16 "Peace and Justice". Participants also send their essays on "Justice and Equality for All", a minimum of 260 words for participants in the first age group (7th to 9th grade) and a minimum of 300 words for participants in the second age group (10- you to 12th grade).

15 students from different schools in Sofia took part in the competition, and five winners were announced. The awarded students received prizes, vouchers for foreign language training, a plaque and advertising materials for a project




The awarded winners of the competition are as follows: SDG16

First place: Ioan Dimitrov - 23. Innovative Secondary School "Frederic Joliot-Curie"

Second place: Yana Ignatova - 122 Primary school "Nikolay Liliev"

Third place: Mila Milanova - 127. Secondary school "Ivan Nikolaevich Denkoglu"

Fourth place: Ivayla Zahova - 1 English language school 


Fifth place: Ioan Petkov - 35.SEU "Dobri Voynikov" 


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