14 schools from the Istrian territory, together with their regional body – the Region of Istria, are participating in the project Walk the Global Walk.

The project aims to promote active Citizenship by young people, and to strengthen their involvement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). From the beginning of the project implementation, various activities have been realised in order to promote active Citizenship activities. Among them, the most important is the development of the teacher's briefing pack, wich will provide the teachers with all the information and the support needed to plan the curriculum work and include the SDG agenda in their lessons. Moreover, one teacher workshop has been organised in Pula. Within the workshop, the teachers were  provided with the methods and necessary infomation concerning the SDG in focus this year - Sustainable cities and Communities. The most interesting part of the implemented activities were the educational courses in secondary schools, within wich the importance of the active Citizenship and in particular of the environmental protection have been demonstrated to the students in a very interesting and practical way. In the period from October 2018 to January 2019, the workshops were performed in 15 secondary schools from the Istrian territory. In the same period, an interactive online platform was set up. Thanks to it, the istrian students and teachers will be able to share and exchange their ideas and experiences regarding the SDG-s.  The other implemented activities include the development of the Youth Leadership Curriculum, an oline interactive tool that will provide students with on line modules that will contribute to improve their leadership skills in order to become active promoters of the Global citizenship.  

A lot of interesting activities are still to be implemented until the end of the project implementation. For example, the acton planning activities will be organised, which will include 30 students and 15 professors, and whose aim is to encourage the students to to motivate their peers to become acive promoters of the SDG agenda. Moreover, in order to give more visibillty to why SDGs actually metter and it's importance, the EU SDG week will be organised, which will include the Global Walk – the climax of the Week in which the students, together with other partcipants from the public life will take part, with the aim to point out the importance of this topic to a wider pubblic. The project will end with the International Summer School that will include a 4- day training regarding the SGD agenda. Five students, guided by one teacher, will take part at the Summer School on the behalf on the Region of Istria partner. The Summer School will result with is a joint Manifesto of Young People and Local Authorities.  The main objective of the Manifesto will be to promote SDGs, and it will also contain suggestions and recommendations.

The project has been well accepted by the secondary scools included in its activities, especially by the students that have shown a high level od interest for the questions related to the sustainable development and environmental protection.  So far, more than 250 students  and 15 professors from the Region of Istria have participated in the project activities.

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