AIDGLOBAL was in Florence, Italy, from 26 to 28 February 2018 to take part in the introductory meeting and launch of a new European project: “Walk the (Global) Walk”.

Susana Damasceno, chairwoman of the board, and Mariana Esteves, from Administration and Finance, represented the NGO at this gathering, along with the other partners and where the forthcoming activities were planned.

“It was definitely a productive meeting, very creative and dynamic. We formed a cohesive working group and a crucial network, which allowed us to set out the action guidelines for the first year”, says Mariana Esteves.

"Walk the (Global) Walk” is an initiative aimed at mobilising young Europeans around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in 2015 at a United Nations summit, and which should be implemented by every country in the world by 2030.

The project also aims to create a replicable and innovative model of Education for Global Citizenship, encourage cooperation between local authorities and Civil Society Organisations committed to promoting the SDG agenda, as well as raise awareness to Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice issues.

“Walk the (Global) Walk” is financed by the European Commission – Development Education Department – and will take place over the course of 36 months. It includes 11 countries and 20 partner entities, including AIDGLOBAL.

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