Nine schools of Município de Vila Franca de Xira hosted between March 12th and 15th, the class activities where the Front Runners were selected among the students who were confirmed as potential leaders for the SDG, along with the teachers who wanted to include the topics and methods of the Global Citizenship Education in their programs.

6 training sessions were conducted by the AID GLOBAL facilitator with the support of Patrícia Pereira e Andreia Antunes, both technicians from Município de Vila Franca de Xira. The sessions covered subjects as the concept of leadership, the reflection about the natural abilities of each student, the potential of young people as societies and world changing agent and the best practices from Município Vila Franca de Xira, highlighting the importance of young people for the Institution, which promotes projects and formative, socio-cultural and recreational activities among its public.

The young participants will be the SDG leaders who will coordinate many activities with their classmates during the SDG week.

Sérgio Lima (technical coordinator of the Youth Intervention sector) took part in one of the workshops, and in the final session, Anabela Pereira (head of the Associativism and Youth division) was also present.

The Walk the (Global) Walk project is financed by the European Commission – Development Education Line – and by Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P. and lasts 36 months. It involves 11 countries and 20 partners, including AIDGLOBAL.


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