Last Friday 12/4, was held the final event of the Walk the Global Walk project in Municipality of Fyli and everybody who joined had a blast!

More than 400 students from 8 different schools from Municipality of Fyli, held the event which was concluded with the Global Walk. Unfortunately, because of the rain the whole event had to change location. Instead of an open air event on the main square of A. Liosia, the event moved to a big venue inside the Mayor Hall and the kiosks were transfered in covered areas. However, we feel that none of us lost our positive spirits because of that. The students arrived with their placards, photos, picards, sculptures from recyclable material etc and with all their young energy. The event lasted more than 2 hours (every school had almost 15-20 minutes to present their engagement with the project and then do a performance-most of them did a music performance). The room was full of energy, talent, happiness and a strong will to act, to do something to make things better for their hometown. Teachers and students showed a strong ownership, they look forward for next year (SDG 13!).

The day was concluded with the “Walk” around the square and we feel that a great start has been accomplished for the next 2 years to come.

Next step: International Summer School in Lisboa, Portugal (1-4 July) where  the students elected and 2 educators will join so as to bring back their “Manifesto”!


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