AIDGLOBAL and Município de Vila Franca de Xira organized the Action Planning Workshop on March 27th, between 9h30 and 17h30, in the auditorium of Escola Básica Pedro Jacques de Magalhães – Alverca district. The students selected as ODS leaders were invited, as well as all their teachers from the 9 schools which are taking part on the project and 7 executives from the Camara Municipal de VFX.

After the capacitation events, this workshop intended to promote the reflection and planning of the activities that will be launched before and after the ODS week and the Global Walk, between May 13th and 17th. The young Front Runners will be leading peer to peer activities in their schools, as a warm-up for the ODS events, alongside their teachers and the support of AIDGLOBAL and Camara Municipal de VFX, aiming to develop bigger activities and reach a broader participation inside their communities.

AIDGLOBAL facilitators and 2 municipal technicians guided the workshop, while the students and teachers designed their projects based on problems they would like to have solved in their communities. After an open air lunch the work teams presented their proposals to a group of municipal leaders and technicians, who contributed with their own experiences and were publicly committed with supporting the activities however they can.

More than 80 attendees were there, including the municipal executives: Dr. Manuela Ralha — Counselor for Inclusion and Equality, Dr. Ana Carla Costa – Director of the Housing and Social Cohesion Department part of the Inclusion and Equality, Health and Solidarity, Housing and Social Intervention Divisions, Dr. Anabela Pereira – Head of Support to the Associative Movement and Youth Division, Eng. Carla Gamboa – Senior Technician of the Public Health, Environment and Citizenship Division, Luís Matas de Sousa – Coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Urban Rehabilitation, Dr. Pedro Montes – Head of Education Division, and Dr. Vitor Félix – Head of Sports and Leisure Division.

The gathering also represented an important moment for the project – the Portuguese delegation (5 students and 1 teacher) for the International Summer School was chosen, through a participative and democratic process.

The Walk the (Global) Walk project is co-financed by the European Commission and Camões - Cooperation and Language Institute, I.P. and has the duration of 36 months. It involves 11 countries and 20 partner entities including AIDGLOBAL.

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