The top-down implementation of some decisions regarding the support of the sustainable development objectives could hit the resistance of the company if the phenomena are not understood.

People need to understand the importance of sustainable development goals, and this can only be achieved through education. So Romania has started a new stage of the Walk the Global Walk project, after the enthusiastic experience of the first year with ODD 11.

144 teachers from 12 Bucharest schools participated in this period in the training courses on the topic of ODD 13.

The teachers explored the Sustainable Development Goals – “The colours of a sustainable World”, ODD 13 – Climatic change: “I want to know you”, the human dimension of climate change - “In their shoes” and common final lesson - “Acting like our house is on fire”.

The lessons ended with important promises from everyone: “I promise to plant 10 trees in front of my house”, “I will walk more than I will drive to my workplace”,“I will avoid using plastic reciepes”, “I will recycle used domestic oil”.

Walk the (Global) Walk: mobilizing young Europeans to promote Sustainable Development Goals is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the DEAR LA-Ref EuropeAid / 151103 / ACT / MULTI-4 funding line - Raising awareness of the public opinion on development issues and the promotion of development education in the European Union, and pursues objectives, during the 3 years of implementation (2017-2020), to stimulate partnership and collaboration between Local Public Administrations and actively engaged NGOs The Sustainable Development Objectives (ODD) adopted by UN Member States through Agenda 2030, and creating an innovative educational model in pre-university education on ODD, promoting civic engagement and raising awareness among young people of their global responsibilities.

The project enjoys wide international participation, consisting of a consortium consisting of 19 partners from 11 European countries (Italy, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Wales, Scotland, Portugal, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania).

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