As part of the Walk the Global Walk Project, managed in Scotland by the University of Glasgow, the teachers and students in Glasgow City Council’s participating schools have displayed their wide interest in the topic of SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

During January 2019 five schools elected to join the project and attended an initial introductory session to find out more about the learning, activities and materials available to project participants. In March the teachers leading the training sessions selected a range of topics to explore including Social Inclusion: Crossing Cultural Barriers, Safe and Adequate Housing, Transport and Air Pollution.

In May, the students will self-select as Youth Leaders from each of the schools and they will undergo training to assist them leader their peers in this exploration of how to attain or contribute to Sustainability in our City and within our Communities.

We look forward to sharing their progress through these challenging and crucial topics over the next 8 weeks on the build up to our Walk the Global Walk Event on Wednesday 5th June 2019!

The 'Walk the Global Walk': Scotland will take place in Kelvingrove Park and will bring together young people from the five participating Glasgow City Council's Secondary Schools to walk together in the park before gathering in the St Andrew's Building of the University of Glasgow to discuss and share their ideas and suggestions on SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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